Admission to classes I to VIII will be given depending on the number of vacancies existing in the classes at that time.  Parents/Guardians will be informed about the vacancies through a public notice at the school Gates after the final results are declared. Normally no new admission to classes IX and X will be granted.

1. If a student desires to leave the school, one calendar month's written notice should be given and the fee of the month should be paid

A student once admitted cannot be withdrawn without a month’s notice or a month’s fee in lieu of the notice

2. Leaving certificate will be issued on a written application from the parent and guardian only. Such application should be made one month in advance. Such certificate will be issued only during office hours. Leaving certificate will be refused to those who have not cleared all the schools dues.

3. As this is an English medium school a student who has been is studying through any other medium cannot be admitted unless the pupil’s knowledge of English is quite satisfactory.

4. New student must be introduced personally by their parents or guardian who will be responsible to the Principal for the regularity of attendance, study and payment of fees.

5. A Student failing 2 years in succession and will have to leave the school.

6. New students are admitted on previous application and on the entrance examination. An advance payment of rupees 50/- from the fresh pupil will be levied as an entrance examination fee and the pupils will be examined in the matter of the class below the one to which they seek admission the principals decision regarding the admission is final.

7. A student who joins fresh from home on from a private schools has a rule to produce and official Birth certificates such as the municipal[not doctors ]or Baptismal Certificate in support of the date of birth entered in the admission form.

8. A student coming from a recognized school should produce leaving certificate from that school. If he/ she come from my school from other states, the leaving certificate must be countersigned by the Education Officer of the division in which that school is situated.

9. At the time of admission, the admission fee together with one month’s fee and the term fee of the Year must be paid

10. Admission fee once paid will not be refunded.

Note: All admissions will be strictly on the merits of the students and availability of the seats in the class.

No recommendation will be entertained