about us

The year 2019 mark the 180th Anniversary of the foundation of the Missionaries of St.Francis de Sales, also known as Fransalians , the international religious society of fathers and Brothers responsible for the School



We were founded in 1838 more than two centuries after the death of St. Francis de Sales. Our founder, Father Peter Mermier, was born in 1790 and as a child experienced the terrorism let loose by some extremists of the French Revolution. His parents were farmers, and his mother was a wonderful woman from whom he learnt to have faith in God, to face troubles with courage, and to help those made to suffer by the terrorists.

As a young man Peter Mermier decided to dedicate his life to the service of God and others as a priest. For some time he was put in charge of teaching and discipline in a residential school for boys. But he soon realized that his mission was to go from place to place helping young and old to live the ideals taught by Jesus and which St. Francis de Sales had practised so well. Everyone should have faith in God who loves us and please Him by trying to live a life of gentleness, cheerfulness, kindness, patience, forgiveness, readiness to help people in any kind of need whether material or spiritual. It was to spread these ideals that the Fransalians were founded.

In reply to an appeal made by the Pope, six Fransalians, four Priests and two Brothers, landed in India in 1845, only seven years after the foundation of the society. Over the years other dedicated and courageous men joined them.

In reply to an appeal made by the Pope six Fransalians, four priests and two brothers landed in India in 1845 only 7 years after the foundation of the society. Over the years the dedicated and courageous men joined them.

The Fransalians were asked to work eastern and Central India. Beginning at Visakhapatnam they open centers in places as far away as Cuttack, Aurangabad and Nagpur. They had to travel long distances on horseback or by bullock cart. They took care of people affected by famine or suffering from various diseases. They started social centers dispensaries and orphanages. They gave special attention to the education of youth and to teaching people to trust in God and to live together in peace and joy. At present the Fransalians are you working in different parts of India conducting social centers and school including technical school in urban and rural areas helping people to live happy lives founded on “Faith in God” and “Concern for the Welfare of others”. While respecting all religions and cultures we make it our mission to hold aloft the ideals stop by Jesus, which were an inspiration to Gandhiji, and main especially attractive by St Francis de Sales leading Father Peter Mermier to found the Fransalian society.